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Handcrafted Furniture & Accessories, made in the USA!


Welcome to Southern Craftsmen's Guild collection of handcrafted pine reproductions. By combining the talents of our local Georgia craftsmen with the time-honored furniture designs of the past, we are able to offer you a complete line of pieces in American and European country and traditional styles. You will recognize many of our pieces as heirloom standards, painstaking recreations of Shaker, Country Victorian, and Early American traditional furnishings - all classics from another era.

We offer many stains and historic paint finishes to fit your personal style and unique home environment. This versatility of finish gives our pieces a range in looks from the formality of Cinnamon Lacquer to the country good looks of Barn Gable Red paint - all the way to the Cottage look with our White, Cactus, and Sunflower paints.

We also offer custom wood store displays, special packaging and drop ship services for manufacturers. Call us for free quotes.

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